Virtual E-Mini Trading Classroom

If you’ve ever wished for a chance to watch and learn to trade E-mini Futures from an experienced trader(s), in a very intimate virtual trading room, here’s your chance? Take advantage of a very limited number of spaces in the Spartan Traders virtual trading room to learn from our educators as they spot market movements each day. Observe trade setups as they develop and materialize in real time. Free 1 week Trial, one time only, subject to availability. Membership is extremely restricted and in periods where it is closed to new members, as is often the case, a waiting list will be applied until a new membership becomes available.

At Spartan Traders we teach how to identify the trend, read momentum, enter a trade with precision, and exit with a plan. Whether you’re new to trading or are a average trader looking to perfect your skills, Spartan Traders can help educate you for success in your trading career.

Proprietary Methodologies

Watching Spartan Traders associates make their trades, you’ll learn two trading styles: scalp trading with a trend and trend reversal trading. Our trend trading methodologies are predictable and accurate, leading to highest rates of success.

Join us and learn why.

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Small, Intimate Classes

Spartan Traders is only for serious traders seeking a serious methodology.

We have only 20 members in the trading room each month, to preserve the integrity of the room and to give us time to provide personal attention so that each member learns our methodology to gain trading accuracy.

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Leverage & Risk Management

E-mini Futures trading requires skill, patience and discipline, and generally require less equity to control a substantial amount of money. Traders must develop an understanding of Risk Management and a solid trading strategy. Spartan Traders methodologies, understanding of market momentum and trade setups can help.

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